October 9, 2018

Enrollment Overview

Below are the requirements to enter the CNA program. All requirements must be met.

1. Minimum age of 17 years as of the date of application.
2. Two valid forms of identification (including at least one photo ID).
3. A minimum of a 5th grade level in English reading and writing. An English test will be given during enrollment.
4. Live scan enrollment, negativeTuberculosis (TB) test results (if TB is positive, additional chest x-ray results) are required prior to first class.
5. Payment: 50% of the fees must be received on completion of the enrollment form. The remainder must be received at the beginning of the 3rd week.
6. Signed Enrollment Agreement.

Clock Hours

160 hours; 60 hours class 100 hours clinical training.

Course Fees

  • CPR $65
  • 2 Sets of Scrubs $55
  • BP apparatus $25
  • Stethoscope $30
  • Gait Belt $25
  • Text Book $80
  • Work Book $20
  • State Exam Fee $90
  • Live Scan Finger Print $65
  • Physical Exam $75
  • TB Test or X-ray $65
  • ACE Basic Tuition $1,600

Total $2,195


Please read our Enrollment Agreement Policy.


Please read our Cancellation Policy.


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